Tips for Making Moving Day Easier

Tips for Making Moving Day EasierMaking the decision to move is not easy. There are many reasons why people decide to uproot and move to another place, but whatever the motive, it’s never easy to leave old friends and neighbours and move to an unknown neighbourhood where everything is unfamiliar. But it’s also one of life’s great adventures – a new place, new people, and new opportunities.

So here are some of the top tips provided by experts in removals Gloucester offers to help make moving day go as smoothly as possible – so that you don’t end the day frazzled and stressed out.

Smart packing – when it comes to bottles of perfume and other toiletries you’d be surprised how many times bottle caps come off and the contents spill out – which can be a disaster. A simple solution is to take off the top and place saran wrap over the container and opening, and then replace the top. This will help avoid any spills.

Protecting plates – when packing plates, saucers, and bowls, etc. wrap each one in packing paper to protect it and then stack them in the box vertically rather than placing them on top of each other. This will help protect them and reduce the risk of breakages.

Don’t pack – yes, that’s right, don’t pack it unless you have to. You’d be surprised how much time and effort can be saved by not removing items from drawers and packing them in boxes only to unpack the boxes and put the items back in the same drawers in the new home. If you have a chest of drawers, simply place cling film over each open drawer so that items can’t slip out or down the back and then slide the drawers back into position – and move the entire chest as one.

Likewise, ask your movers if they use mobile wardrobe containers which can save you from packing clothes – you just hang all the items in the mobile closet and it will be wheeled out to the moving vehicle and then wheeled into your new place. Imagine – your whole closet moved without the need to pack and wrap items.

Zip it – no matter how well you plan, there are always last minute things which need to be taken care of, and it’s things like curtain rings, mounting screws and picture hooks, and even keys which can later cause problems as they get lost among all the other items. Buy a variety of different sized of zip-loc sandwich bags to keep small items in to stop them from getting lost in the move. You can also tape screws and small objects to pieces of furniture much more easily when they’re bagged this way.

With a little forethought and planning, moving day doesn’t need to be the day from hell that many people think it is.