How to Keep Your House Clean for This New Year

So the decorations are down, presents exchanged have now found a home in various spaces around the house, and the children are back at school. It’s expected over such a hectic period for cleanliness around the house to possible slip, but never fear, January is the month to grab a hold and ready your house for the coming months ahead. Here we look at cleaning tips to ensure your house is spruced up to it’s maximum potential.

The Oven No more than over the festive season does the oven come into its own. Cooking numerous Christmas dinners and new years feasts, it’s no surprise that the oven is left behind with some nasty baked residues. So how to solve such a problem? Clean it after every use? Hardly likely. Cleaning an oven does require good old fashioned elbow grease with a few little helpers. Mixing bicarbonate of soda with water, gently smear around the oven and leave to stand overnight. On return with scouring pad in hand its time to put some effort in. If you repeat this method up to once a month, the oven will become much easier to clean and won’t require such an intensive scrub.

The Floors Chocolate, coffee, liqueurs, wine and paint are just one of many items which can cause foreseeable damage to your floor surfaces over the festive period. Depending on what floor is currently installed within the property will depend on how you clean the floor. For instance when it comes to vinyl flooring usually associated with kitchens, the best way to remove any unwanted stains is with household cleaners such as washing up liquid or white spirit. Stains or unwanted marks on a carpet can be slightly harder to remove. Many have reported to great success using such household products as washing detergent to help remove small stains.

Many though, opt for a carpet cleaner hire to ensure a clean through the whole property. The Bathroom Again, another well visited amenity over the festive period which probably needs the most amount of attention paying to is the bathroom. One of the biggest problems seen in a bathroom is mildew building up and around sealant. Obviously if left, can look slightly disgusting and may lead to further problems with bathroom functions.

The best way to stop mildew build up? Simply wipe around the bathroom sealant once a day, it will only take a minute or so and will ensure no expensive plumbing bills later on in the year. By choosing to stick to these tips you are ensuring that your property stay as clean as possible whilst keeping away any harmful germs that may cause your families problems. A little elbow grease will ensure money is saved on expensive repairs and replacements in the years to come. Ashley is a home cleaning, giving advice on how to make your home look as nice as possible.