Do Outdoor Lights Really Work At Keeping Burglars Away

Using outdoor lighting is one thing that homeowners do in order to discourage thieves from trying to break into their homes. And one of the things that we can do to keep our homes safe from burglary is to understand the different factors that would not make our home a target to thieves in the first place. Studies done back in 2008 reveal that 65% of the million and a half cases of burglary that happened in the same year was during daylight hours.

This happens because most houses stand empty during the day; nobody’s home. So, if 65% of all reported burglaries happened during the time of the day when there is sunlight, is there really a relationship between the absence or presence of outdoor lighting and the possibility of a burglary being committed? So darkness then, is not a huge factor causing burglary.

If this is the case then why not just put up a lot of outdoor lights and keep them running all night? There are actually a number of reasons why using outdoor lighting indiscriminately; flooding your property in artificial light during the nighttime is not a very good idea. You would be wasting energy, for one thing and then there are the possible health hazards of using too much artificial light around your home and of cause, the fact that you would have very cranky neighbors the following day. There are in fact cases when the use of too much artificial light has even encouraged burglars from stealing rather than deter them.

In any situation, artificial lights installed and used incorrectly reduces the safety and security in any property. The glare coming off the many artificial lights you use around your home actually prevents your neighbors and even police officers from clearly seeing trespassers in your property. In addition, using too much artificial light casts shadows in areas around your house that burglars could use as camouflage.

There is no denying that the correct use of outdoor lights can effectively deter or discourage burglars. This is why taking the time to learn more about outdoor lighting is important as well as how and where you should install them around your property. You could discuss the details with the dealers you are going to buy outdoor lights from so they can give you advice about installation and proper use considering that you are going to spend a lot of money on them anyway.