Adding Value To Your Property With Beautiful Tiling

Adding tiles to your property will make it look beautiful, and it could also add value. Here we look at a few ways tiles could add value to your property.

When you do work on your property, the property value might go up – that is just a fact. The ‘improvement’ should make your house more valuable. Whether you are making your floors a higher grade, landscaping outdoor space, adding colourful decorations or simply adding a fireplace, choosing tile for these jobs is pretty obvious. This is because it is extremely durable, will last a long time, is so hygienic, hypoallergenic, easily cleaned, comes in many colours, shapes, textures and designs. Whether you create a truly spectacular design, or use just one colour for a clean and professional finish, there are many ways you can use tiling to help add value to your home:


Flooring is expensive and if you’re buying a new home you don’t want to have to put new flooring in every room, especially in rooms where you will want long-lasting surfaces, like the kitchen or the bathroom. Choose neutral colours for both the grout and the wall and floor tiles, so that the floor will look great with any room design or redecoration. A darker tile is a more opulent, richer choice, whereas lighter tiles provide a lighter more neutral feel. Just be sure to consider things like safety, maintenance and durability. Porcelain tiles are typically the most durable type of tile and easiest to maintain.

Switch Decking For Tiling

If you have an outdoor space you may want to switch decking for tiling, as tiles can be much more versatile and longer lasting, another great feature for potential buyers. Here you can probably be a little snazzier with the colours because you don’t need the colour to make the space look bigger, however, colours that contrast nicely with the outside or that are natural colours look best.


Backsplashes can add an easy aesthetic to any room, giving texture to the wall and finishing the overall look of the room. You can choose matching wall tiles or colourful ones, just remember to choose something that would suit a lot of people’s taste if you are adding it for the purpose of adding value to a property or selling a property faster.

Wall Tiles

Adding tiles to your bathroom will make it feel cleaner, more luxurious and also make it look lighter and airier if you choose a light colour. You could add a border if you want, although the current trend is to add two complementary colours together, borders are a bit dated now.

Entryway Tiles

Tiles in the hallway are a really really good idea for lots of reasons. They make the space easier to clean, which is ideal as it’s where we come in with wet and muddy shoes. They also make a really good impression with potential buyers, ensuring they know the property is well maintained, clean and attractive throughout.

Conservatory Tiles

Conservatories are great assets and do attract buyers to pay more, but they must be maintained properly. Floor tiles are a great idea, especially if you can include underfloor heating. Alternatively some chunky neutral floor tiles with a beautiful rug will really show the space off.

Enjoy It!

Remember, if you’re adding improvements to your home to enjoy while you live in it, have fun and enjoy being creative. If you’re making improvements to add value and help you sell, do your research, take your time and enjoy making your house super saleable!