7 Ways That You Can Fix Up Your Bathroom On A Small Budget

There’s really no need to think you’ve got to take out a loan to redecorate your bathroom. Sometimes, to get a really big return all it takes is some small, simple changes like replacing some faucets or hanging a new shower curtain to really give your bathroom some visual appeal. There’s really a lot of different things that you can do to refresh your bathroom, but here’s 7 ways that you can fix up your bathroom on a small budget, say less than $500.

A bathroom remodel gives you really good return on your investment. Home buyers frequently consider the quality of the bathrooms when they make buying decisions. However, a total remodel can be quite expensive. Here are some ideas on how you can upgrade your bathroom without spending a huge sum of money.

A new coat of paint can always freshen up any room. Paint can hide minor wall imperfections. For your bathroom, experiment with different painting techniques to give you the effect that you want. The good thing is that the wall space is small, so you can repaint the walls fairly quickly.

If your cabinets look old and tired, you can refinish them. Old hardware can be replaced to make the cabinets look interesting. You can go with something modern-looking or something classic.

Replace an old toilet seat with a new one. If the base is still structurally sound, there is no need to replace it. A new seat is not expensive, and you can choose from many styles. It is the next best thing to replacing the entire toilet.

You can add life to a boring mirror by adding a frame around it. You can custom make a frame by using molding that is cut at a 45 degree angle. Measure your mirror carefully. You can browse the selection of molding at your local home center to pick the one that suits your bathroom decor the best.

You can use old drapery to make a nice, stylish shower curtain. All you need is a shower liner for the inside. The outer, decorative side can be anything that you wish. Using your old drapery is one way to extend the use of something that you have. The look of a bathroom can be enhanced by a nice bathroom rug. A plush rug adds a bit of luxury to the bathroom. You can also use decorative towels to finish the look. Lovely bathroom ensembles and towel sets are available at many discount merchants, so you do not have to spend a lot of money.

Bathroom fixtures can be easily replaced, and can really change the way your bathroom looks and feels. Old and stained fixtures make the bathroom look run-down. Shiny, new fixtures can add beauty to the bathroom. Your bathroom light fixtures can also be replaced for a new look. If you still have the old fluorescent lights that emits harsh, white light, replace it with a softer light. Finish off the decor with scented candles and potpourri.

Many people cannot afford a complete bathroom renovation. However, as you can see, there are ways to upgrade your bathroom without breaking the bank. If the tub, sink, and toilet are structurally sound, there is really no need to replace them. Focus on the visual improvement of the area. Make your enhancements little by little, one step at a time. Before long, you will have a beautiful bathroom with an upgraded look that you and your whole family can enjoy.

All it takes really is just a few relatively inexpensive but key updates to make a drastic difference in a bathroom. You can easily make a good thing even better by simply updating the lighting and splashing on a fresh coat of paint. It’s been said time and time again in the decorating/remodeling world that if you are on a budget, paint is your friend. Good words to remember anytime. If you shop around, there’s no reason why you couldn’t add new counter tops to complete the overhaul totaling less than $500. Take these 7 ways that you can fix up your bathroom on a small budget and combine them with your own ideas and see what you come up with today. If you’ve got a good idea, be sure to share it with us in the comments below.