6 Ways To Add Personality To Your Walls

Are you simply tired of the same four walls in your home? Want to do something different or try something new? Here are 6 ways to add personality to your walls today that won’t cost you and arm and a leg!

Without adding accessories to your home, it is essentially just four walls (usually unappealing at that). Your walls determine the mood and personality of your rooms and add a backdrop for everything you choose to display. The techniques described in the article below will help you reinvent your home and add some personality to those boring walls!

Go Stencil-rific
You don’t have to be an artist to get savvy with a paintbrush. With so many arts and crafts stores carrying stencils, you can just about stencil any design on your walls that your heart desires. Consider painting your wall one color and using stencils of your choice to create a border, accent picture frames or mimic a wallpaper design.

Cover the whole wall with wallpaper
Wallpaper is a form of decorating that goes back to the Middle Ages, though not so defined at the time. You may feel that adding wallpaper to your home may give it an outdated or aging look. That is only true if you use a floral design, or a design that would appeal to someone who loves the Victorian era. Wallpapers come in many exciting prints that can help you create a border for your wall. Choose a theme you like! If you are working on a child’s room for example, consider boy or girl cartoons for a wall border. You can find some exceptionally brilliant designs to use to cover the whole wall without taking away from focal points or giving your rooms a dated appearance.

Spice it up with ceramic tiles
Ceramic tiles are a great way to spice up your kitchen or bathroom. Bathrooms can look spa-like and relaxing with tiled designs. Don’t just buy white ceramic tiles, buy different colors and create an interesting geometric pattern for a focal point. Many companies sell printed tiles ranging anywhere from cartoons to country themed roosters. Kitchens look great with a themed tile backsplash. This not only makes mistakes easy to clean, but gives your kitchen a fresh up to date look that many will envy.

Add personality with a vinyl decal
Vinyl decals are becoming more and more popular to add a drop of personality to a room. This is especially a great option to choose if you live in a rental. Most landlords don’t allow you to repaint your walls any color other than white, so adding a focal point to your walls is not easy. Vinyl decals however feature thousands of high quality printed designs that you can safely apply to your walls and remove with no residue left behind. These decals serve as a life-sized wall mural, but don’t require the effort of painting.

Paint your own mural
If you know an artist or you feel confident with a paintbrush, you can paint your own free hand mural. A mural can really draw a space together and this is especially true for children’s rooms or nurseries. Painting a mural from a favorite fairy tale or movie scene can make a room feel like you are there. This also eliminates the need to display too many things on the walls.

Add class with crown molding
Crown moldings are widely available at your local home hardware store and you can easily install these yourself. These strips of plaster or polyurethane create a luxurious look to any room and give your ceilings a sense of height. If your room suffers from a low ceiling and you just feel that the walls and the ceiling blend, adding strips of crown molding can be the cure!

Designing the perfect wall is a little more than choosing a bucket of paint. As this article helped point out, there are a myriad of options you can consider to decorate your walls. You can easily tackle any of these projects in a weekend’s worth of time!