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Top 3 Reasons Why the Vintage Look is Becoming More Popular at Home


You might notice the resurgence of vintage themes for home decoration. Despite the popularity of more contemporary themes, there are still those who prefer a vintage look. In fact, these themes are not just popular for homes, but are also popular for offices, restaurants and even hotel rooms. There are a lot of reasons why the vintage concept is becoming more popular.

  1. A look that will last

The vintage theme is designed to last forever. It is timeless. You don’t have to feel the pressure of catching up with trends. You just need to decorate your house once with vintage-themed accessories and your house will look amazing for good. It will surely impress your guests. Aside from the concept itself being long lasting, the furniture is also designed to last for a long time. You are guaranteed that the furniture you have brought home can stand the test of time or even changes in weather, especially if placed outdoors.

  1. Universal appeal

In going for more contemporary themes for home designs, you might risk alienating those who are not a fan of your chosen design. Instead of impressing other people, it might turn them off. Vintage themes on the other hand are more appealing. People from all backgrounds can appreciate a little nostalgia. Older people tend to love it, but even younger people will find the concept appealing. They have not lived through those times so they would like to know how it feels.

  1. Tons of choices

Vintage furniture comes in different designs, styles and sizes. You might think at first that it is a huge challenge to design your house especially if you go for a vintage theme. The truth is that there are endless options available for you. There also vintage home accessories for you to complement the furniture you have already bought. There are a lot of stores offering this type of furniture. You can go for online stores where supplies come from various parts of the world, and so the choices are limitless.

You might want to give these items a closer look and decide later on to also give them a try. Those who have decided to go for vintage furniture have been very satisfied with their decision. They have also highly recommended this theme and so it is becoming more popular these days.

For now, you can take a look at the options available. You just have to browse the furniture designs, and you might just love them. You could start by turning your living room vintage, and perhaps later on you can also do the same thing for the other areas of your house.

Preparing for the Installation of a Steam Shower

preparing-for-the-installation-of-a-steam-showerYou have already selected the best steam shower to bring home. The next thing that you have to think of is installation. There are stores that offer free installation when you order the item from them. There are other stores where you are given someone whom you can hire to install the shower, but for a price. The same thing is true for online stores. You need to know first if you need to hire someone to do the job or if there is someone who will do it for you.

Measuring your bathroom size

Before you even seal the deal for the steam shower, the first thing that you have to consider is the size. There are steam showers that are just the right fit for your bathroom. This is not a problem anymore. However, there are steam showers that are a lot bigger than a regular shower room size. You might want to search for a smaller steam shower or you might want to remodel your bathroom if you really wish to have a bigger steam shower.

Cleaning the shower area

You might want to remove all the bathroom decor first before the steam shower is installed. The process is simple, but it could be messy. You don’t want your precious decorations to be broken if you don’t take them out before the installation process starts. You should also fix the bathroom if there are broken tiles or other areas that need to be repaired. You have bought the steam shower to give your house a more luxurious feel. The presence of broken tiles could stop you from achieving that goal.

It’s time

Once you have done all the necessary preparations, it is time to have the steam shower installed. You need to make an appointment with the person or team who will install it. Once they arrive, you just have to tell them in which area you want the steam shower to be installed and let them do the job. You can just wait until the process is done. Don’t worry as it won’t take long.

You may want to consult a specialist installer first before you actually purchase your new steam shower to ensure that the electricity and water supplies in your bathroom will be adequate, and ready to accept the new steam shower when it arrives. This will help avoid any delays with the installation on the day. Most modern steam showers come ready to just connect to the electricity and water supply installed in your bathroom – and then within minutes you can enjoy the luxury of your very own steam shower.

Once the installation is over, you can now enjoy the steam showers for as long as you want.

Adding Value To Your Property With Beautiful Tiling

Adding tiles to your property will make it look beautiful, and it could also add value. Here we look at a few ways tiles could add value to your property.

When you do work on your property, the property value might go up – that is just a fact. The ‘improvement’ should make your house more valuable. Whether you are making your floors a higher grade, landscaping outdoor space, adding colourful decorations or simply adding a fireplace, choosing tile for these jobs is pretty obvious. This is because it is extremely durable, will last a long time, is so hygienic, hypoallergenic, easily cleaned, comes in many colours, shapes, textures and designs. Whether you create a truly spectacular design, or use just one colour for a clean and professional finish, there are many ways you can use tiling to help add value to your home:


Flooring is expensive and if you’re buying a new home you don’t want to have to put new flooring in every room, especially in rooms where you will want long-lasting surfaces, like the kitchen or the bathroom. Choose neutral colours for both the grout and the wall and floor tiles, so that the floor will look great with any room design or redecoration. A darker tile is a more opulent, richer choice, whereas lighter tiles provide a lighter more neutral feel. Just be sure to consider things like safety, maintenance and durability. Porcelain tiles are typically the most durable type of tile and easiest to maintain.

Switch Decking For Tiling

If you have an outdoor space you may want to switch decking for tiling, as tiles can be much more versatile and longer lasting, another great feature for potential buyers. Here you can probably be a little snazzier with the colours because you don’t need the colour to make the space look bigger, however, colours that contrast nicely with the outside or that are natural colours look best.


Backsplashes can add an easy aesthetic to any room, giving texture to the wall and finishing the overall look of the room. You can choose matching wall tiles or colourful ones, just remember to choose something that would suit a lot of people’s taste if you are adding it for the purpose of adding value to a property or selling a property faster.

Wall Tiles

Adding tiles to your bathroom will make it feel cleaner, more luxurious and also make it look lighter and airier if you choose a light colour. You could add a border if you want, although the current trend is to add two complementary colours together, borders are a bit dated now.

Entryway Tiles

Tiles in the hallway are a really really good idea for lots of reasons. They make the space easier to clean, which is ideal as it’s where we come in with wet and muddy shoes. They also make a really good impression with potential buyers, ensuring they know the property is well maintained, clean and attractive throughout.

Conservatory Tiles

Conservatories are great assets and do attract buyers to pay more, but they must be maintained properly. Floor tiles are a great idea, especially if you can include underfloor heating. Alternatively some chunky neutral floor tiles with a beautiful rug will really show the space off.

Enjoy It!

Remember, if you’re adding improvements to your home to enjoy while you live in it, have fun and enjoy being creative. If you’re making improvements to add value and help you sell, do your research, take your time and enjoy making your house super saleable!

Surviving Your Summer Move Without Boiling Over

Summer moves are great, but can be very stressful with the heat. Here are a few ways to ensure your summer move goes to plan, without anyone boiling over into a stressed heap.

Warmer weather is the perfect time for a move. Ice, snow and rain can be really annoying and sometimes dangerous in winter, which is why so many people move in the warmer months. The kids are off school as well which is really helpful in terms of logistics and ensuring they settle in. The problem is, summer can present a whole heap of different problems like heat stroke, exhaustion, dehydration and of course, tempers boiling over. Those looking to move house in summer are advised to do everything possible to ensure their move is as safe and smooth as possible.

Here are some top tips to help:

Reduce How Much You Are Moving

Try to lighten your load so you physically have less to move. Sort all your items into four different sections, which you could label to be extra organised. The four categories should be throw (or recycle), give to charity (or friends), keep and store.

  • Throw – Anything that is of no use to anyone else. Recycle anything you can like paper or wood and plastic
  • Give to charity – anything that is in good condition that you know could be sold on for money. If you have the time to sell it yourself go online for higher value goods, or sell at a carboot for lower value goods. Either way, either your family, or a charity make some money and items go to a good home which is great.
  • Keep – Everything you want to take with you to your new house
  • Store in cheap self storage – Items you might want to sell in future, business stock, seasonal items, sports equipment etc. Just make sure your compare self storage prices and features to make sure you are getting the best deal.

Get Help

If you have cheap self storage the likelihood is the unit have moving services you can pay for. This could be a great option, especially if you already know and trust the staff. Having help on the day will be a great relief and leave you to have to oversee and get used to your new home – no stress, no fuss. Alternatively you could hire a moving company, or even just ask friends and family to help. Get tons of drinks, crisps and biscuits in to keep everyone happy and pay in favours to them next time they need a hand.

Have Help Keeping Cool

Have fans going in your new home, have hand held fans for the kids, have a cooler box with water and ice packs in, have cooling spray – whatever you can use that provides relief from the heat, invest – everyone will be thankful.

Stay Safe

Priorities should revolve around safety in the heat. Remember to:

  • Ensure your family is dressed for the weather – prepare the clothes before moving to ensure they don’t get lost and the only options are unsuitable.
  • Stay hydrated – you might want to reach for caffeine to keep you going, but what your body needs in this heat is water.
  • Avoid moving midday if you can – that is when the sun is at its hottest.
  • Have regular breaks.
  • Wear sun cream.

Keep Pets Away

Usually animals can be moved with the family, however in serious heat you must check they are safe. To do this, consider putting them in temporary kennels or housing them with a friend, just until you can quickly take them into the new home.


When it’s hot and you are moving home, use every available convenience to make life safer and easier. Use fans, self storage, friends help, beverages, frequent breaks – anything it takes to ensure the move is smooth and safe.